Naughty Dragonfly

Naughty Dragonfly


With a dragonfly brooch on your chest, fluttering through life will become easier and more joyful.

Dragonfly brooch is one of the most striking and attractive jewellery. This winged Muse of masters involuntarily fascinates the eye with its exquisite lines, transparency of the wings, the ability to hover motionless over a flower and instant rapid flight up. Our masters accurately conveyed the fragility and lightness of this virtuoso beauty.

To its owner, the brooch promises good luck in life, easy overcoming of difficult situations, gives ease and novelty to relationships.

Often women in our time are burdened with problems and great responsibility Dragonfly lightness is what everyone sighs about, remembering the carefree youth. This symbol gives ladies the energy of flight, carelessness and joy!


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