10 reasons to fall in love with Brooches.

10 reasons to fall in love with Brooches.

Why is the handmade brooch from JD Bracelet our number one accessory, and why do we love it?

1. The most versatile piece of jewellery. Often the same brooch can be worn on the lapel of a jacket, blouse collar, dress, skirt, jeans pocket, belt, coat, hat, bag, scarf… Be different every day!

2. The value of handmade brooches are not only not decreasing, but increasing, what can be said about contemporary jewellery.

3. This brooch is a truly original jewellery gift. Do many people give rings and necklaces? Make a difference-give a brooch with a nostalgic touch in a modern look. In addition, you will definitely “guess” with the size!

4. A brooch from JD Bracelet as a collectable. Some women are fond of collecting them and are constantly in search of rare or simply beautiful specimens. These are the brooches you can buy in the online boutique JD Bracelet.

5. a Brooch is a great way to emphasize the advantages of a figure or visually correct its shortcomings. Fasten the brooch on your mini skirt to show off your slender legs. Decorate your chest with it to draw attention to your cleavage…

6. The handmade brooch has special energy: it carries history, but turns its owner into a modern connoisseur of style. This leads to the following point.

7. Brooches are always in fashion. The main thing is to know how to wear them.

8. The JD Bracelet brooch lifts the mood, probably because of its uniqueness. After all, it is special, there are very few or even one of them left. It is a piece copy that turns your style into real art.

9. Handmade brooch gives a zest and uniqueness to the image. Does everyone around prefer earrings & Co? Stand out, wear brooches.

10. The presence of a brooch in a woman’s outfit is a sign of her excellent sense of style. Being chic with a JD brooch is easy!

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